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As far back as I can remember, even as a child, my passion has been drawing and writing poems and then later graphic design, photography, and illustrations. In college, I continued this passion and received a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of fine arts degrees.


Throughout the years, I have been committed to improving my skills so that I am able to offer my clients superior work. I continually focus on updating my software and digital design skills, a must in our fast-moving digital environment. These skills, coupled with my fine arts background, give me a superior graphic design ability that allows me to develop ideas into astonishing visual images.


As a  graphic design studio with modest overhead, I can offer my services and 18 years of

expertise at competitive fees. Also, I take a limited number of new clients each year which

allows me to be amended and responsive to every client. I have a group of design associates I can call upon from time to time for special projects yet I personally create and manage all assignments.

My design philosophy is simple and heartfelt! That is, creating an innovative idea requires thinking and visualizing from different points of view and understanding the vision of each client.

Only then can a designer create the idea that appeals to her clients and their target audience.

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